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The Snallygaster is returning to Sykesville to stay!

The Schneller Geist is a bird-reptile chimera originating in the superstitions of early German immigrants later combined with sensationalistic newspaper reports of the monster. Schneller Geist means “Quick Spirit,” and the name evolved to the Snallygaster.

Early sightings associate the Snallygaster with Frederick County, Maryland. Later reports would expand on sightings encompassing an area to include Central Maryland and the Washington, DC, metro area. The last time it was seen in Sykesville, was the great flood of 1973. It is back for good, without the flood this time.

The DSC’s cute and cuddly version of the Snallygaster is a 9″-plush animal, inspired by the painting of Byron Goodloe that is located on the Old Main Line Visitor’s Center & Post Office, 731 Oklahoma Road, downtown Sykesville.

It is available for preorder by itself ($10) or bundled with the book for $5 extra ($15 plush and book bundle) and most be picked at the Old Main Line Visitor’s Center & Post Office, or the Farmers Market upon presentation of your receipt. It will be available for pickup after June 15. There is no option to ship. 


[ezcol_1half][/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end][/ezcol_1half_end] We are excited to bring to you this adorable toy that was designed and produced with funds granted by the Nora Robert’s Foundation.

The Hiden Snallygasters mural has be added downtown to provide our community with a family-friendly and free activity.

The Snallygasters come in limited quantities. Snatch yours today!

Follow our Facebook page to participate in naming the Snallygaster and enjoy its last sighting in Sykesville!



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Plush Animal

Animal – $10, Animal and Ba Book – $15

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